About-UsAttala County Nursing Center takes pride in working with a resident and his or her family for the best possible outcome, whether that means long term care or specialized rehabilitation so that the person can return home.

Philosophy of Service:

We believe that the focus of nursing services is the patient. We treat our residents as individual human beings who have the right to privacy, dignity and equality.

We believe that the patient has the right to be ill, to have an understanding of his/her illness, to accept or reject treatment, and to have confidence and trust in the safety and thoroughness of his/her care. The patient also has the right to be treated with compassion, courtesy, understanding, and honesty.

We believe that nursing care is directed toward preventing illness and promoting recovery, rehabilitation, good health, and the well-being of the patient.

Our Commitment:

Our facility is managed to offer nursing and convalescent care. Our dedicated staff responds to problems or sudden emergencies with sensitivity and skill. Our nurses carefully monitor each resident’s physical condition and personal comfort. Our dietary department provides nutritious, appetizing meals carefully prepared, then served in a clean and comfortable dining room. All accommodations are well maintained and well appointed. The quality of life of our residents is as important to us as the quality of their care.

We believe in attentive service. We have carefully selected a staff that we feel will be caring, honest in their judgments, and eager to make the residents’ stay pleasurable. Our employees understand the importance of a kind word, a gentle touch, and the healing power of a smile. They must not only be competent, but compassionate. We are committed to the comfort and well being of all our residents.

We are a member of the Mississippi State Department of Health Division on Health Facilities Licensure and Certification